#BOECKBC1 / 28 Nov 2019 / Factory Berlin – Germany

> Disruption < is a massive understatement of what is going on in technology. What companies took for granted in business, is no longer. Startups and simple ideas can change the economy within an instant, whereas many global corporations have to rethink their business models.

That's why we need to break up one-dimensional thinking in terms of business and future technology and have tech-savvy experts exchange ideas in various combinations – from New Energy & Mobility, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, and Information Technology & Smart Society. #BOECKBC1 provides insights for industry, investors, and innovation accelerators – fully focusing on the intersections of these various tech fields. It works like a lab where you are forced to experiment with unfamiliar business perspectives right from the start.

This convention creates a brand new platform for everyone involved in this process from founders and startups to industry, investors, financiers, and policymakers regarding both small business and global corporations from Germany, Europe, and around the globe. Applying this concept, you will combine new ideas with known territory as in idea & concept, planning, finance, collaboration, investment, problem & best practice, political framework, market prospects, marketing & product — to IPO.

#BOECKBC1 is organized by Fabian BÖCK. He is a publisher, business founder, and lawyer living in the heart of Germany. Fabian has rich experience as editor-in-chief and as co-organizer of a leading European-wide convention for public security. He now dedicates his passion and knowledge to the subject of future technology. This comprises NEWS, CONVENTION, and DEVELOPMENT sections. So, let's go!

Fabian BÖCK

CEO & Founder of BOECKBX – Publisher, Business Founder, Lawyer

Susanna MAIER

Coordinator Startups
– Freelance Expert for Marketing, Social Media, Startups / AI




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